SFS Episode 131 – Scott Moon


JR and Chris speak with author Scott Moon about his The Last Reaper series.


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SFS Episode 127 – Jack Campbell


JR interviews author Jack Campbell (aka John G Hemry).

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SFS Episode 117 – Jeff Brackett


Chris interviews author Jeff Brackett about his cyberpunk book title Streets of Payne.


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SFS Episode 112 – Lowell Observatory – Kevin Schindler


Chris interviews Lowell Observatory historian Kevin Schindler, discovers the origin of Martians, Venetians, Plutonians, and so much more!

Note: No Martians, Venetians, or Plutonians were harmed during the recording of this podcast.

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SFS Episode 110 – Charles Gannon


JR, Chris, and Cisca interview author, Doctor, and all-around smart guy Charles Gannon.

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SFS Episode 109 – Corey Traux


JR interviews author Corey (sometimes-D) Traux about their co-written book!


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