SFS Episode 163 – Nathan Pedde – Post Apoc


JR interviews author Nathan Pedde for his post-apocalyptic story in the From the Ashes anthology.


Show Notes:

 Nathan Pedde’s Contact Links

SFS Episode 162 – EA Shanniak


JR interviews author EA Shanniak for her story in the Area 51 Anthology by Bayonet Books.

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EA Shanniak’s Social Media Links

SFS Episode 161 – Story Time Part 2


This is part 2 of our special episode and a gift to our listeners. This content was used with permission.

Show Notes:


Part 1: LINK TO PART 1

SFS Episode 160 – Scott Bartlett


JR and Cesca interview author Scott Bartlett about his Spacer series.

Show Notes:

 Scott Bartlett’s Links

SFS Episode 159 – Amy DuBoff – Exciting News


Amy DuBoff and JR share some exciting news and talk about how it’s done.

Show Notes:

 AK (Amy) DuBoff’s Links

James Fox’s Links

Darrell Gabonia’s Links

SFS Episode 158 – Joe Vasicek


JR and Cisca interview author Joe Vasicek.

Show Notes:

Joe Vasicek’s Social Media Links

SFS Episode 157 – Amy DuBoff – Anthology


JR interviews author Amy DuBoff for her story in the Great Beyond anthology.

Show Notes:

 AK (Amy) DuBoff’s Links

SFS Episode 156 – Lawrence Oliver


JR interviews author Lawrence Oliver for his story in the From the Ashes anthology.

Show Notes:

 Lawrence N. Oliver’s Links

SFS Episode 155 – MilSciFi Panel 3 – British Edition


JR interviews British authors Ralph Kerns, Ashley R. Pollard, and Tim C. Taylor about their takes on Military Science Fiction.

Show Notes:

Ralph Kerns’ Social Media Links

Ashley R. Pollard’s Social Media Links

Tim C. Taylor’s Social Media Links

SFS Episode 154 – Miles Rozak


JR interviews author Miles Rozak.

Show Notes:

Miles Rozak’s Links