SFS Episode 54 – Futurism with Nathan Pedde

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Big Falcon Rocket

Mars One

Electric vehicles

Film farming – Portland


International Space Station

Oxygen Concentrator


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SFS Episode 53 – Rhett Bruno

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SFS Episode 52 – Dragon Award Nominees

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SFS Episode 51 – Book Review – Red Rabbit Presents #1

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SFS Episode 50 – [NSFW] Andrew Mackay

Forewarning: Not Safe For Work… depending on where you work. But most places… no. But if you’re up to it, this one’s a hoot!


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SFS Episode 49 – Scott Bartlett Fan Interview

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SFS Episode 48 – Peter Nealan

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SFS Episode 47 – Emily Davidson

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SFS Episode 45 – Joe Vasicek

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