SFS Episode 83 – Anthology – Navin Weeraratne

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SFS Episode 82 – JD Sawyer

JR and author JD Sawyer talk about JD’s books to the accompaniment of real jingle bells.

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SFS Episode 81 – Anthology – CJ Carella

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SFS Episode 80 – Anthology – Richard Fox

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SFS Episode 79 – Laura Montgomery

Chris and JR speak with author and space-layer (yup, we didn’t know that was a thing either) Laura Montgomery about her books, why she shouldn’t team-up with a time-lawyer and her books.

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SFS Episode 78 – Anthology – Tim Taylor

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SFS Episode 77 – Anthology – JR Castle

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SFS Episode 76 – Jonathan Yanes and JN Chaney

JR, Jonathan, and JN talk about their series, co-writing, and some wild and crazy times in Las Vegas.


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SFS Episode 75 – Anthology – Scott Moon

JR and Scott discuss Scott’s new story in the Backblast Area Clear anthology.

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SFS Episode 74 – Anthology – MD Cooper

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