SFS Episode 101 – JR Handley


JR Handley is interviewed about his new book Breach Team by special guest host JR Castle (no relation).


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SFS Episode 100 – Paul and Terry Help Us Celebrate


We made it to 100 episodes! In this episode, we took it all the way back to the beginning. Oh, and JR asked that I add a warning:


WARNING: Whiskey may have been involved in the production of this episode.

WARNING(2): This episode may mention monkeys wearing revealing clothing.


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SFS Episode 99 – Amy DuBoff

JR and Cisca speak with author Amy DuBoff about her Cadicle series, specifically book one, Rumors of War.

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SFS Episode 98 – Barry J Hutchison

JR and Chris interview author Barry J Hutchison about his book Space Team! This world needs more comic Science Fiction, and Barry’s the one to deliver it.


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SFS Episode 97 – Kevin Tumlinson

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SFS Episode 96 – Stefan Bolz

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SFS Episode 95 – Isaac Arthur

JR interviews scientist Isaac Authur whose lineage of science fiction fans is so strong, he was named after Isaac Asimov! They talk about faster-than-light travel, the science of aging, transhumanism, aliens, and more!

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SFS Episode 94 – Jon Del Arroz

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SFS Episode 93 – Jon Evans

JR and Chris interview author Jon Evans, learn about warm beer, how he got started, and Jon’s Royal Marines Space Commando series.

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SFS Episode 92 – Short Story Review with Yudhanjaya Wijeratne

Jr, Chris and Yudhanjaya Wijeratne discuss three short stories. Yup, Yudahanjaya is the smartest one in the room again.


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