SFS Episode 129 – Ira Nayman and Amazing Stories


Chris interviews Ira Nayman who, among other glorious things, is the Editor for Amazing Stories. Yes, that Amazing Stories!



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Ira Nayman’s Links

SFS Episode 128 – J Koyanagi


JR and Chris interview author J. Koyanagi, discussing her audio-only series and the fascinating world she’s developed.

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Jacqueline “J” Koyanagi’s Links

SFS Episode 127 – Jack Campbell


JR interviews author Jack Campbell (aka John G Hemry).

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Jack Campbell’s Links

SFS Episode 126 – Yakov Merkin


JR and Chris interview Israeli author Yakov Merkin.

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Yakov Merkin’s Links

SFS Episode 125 – The After RPG


 JR and Chris interview authors and creatives Walt Robillard and Jon Gibbons about their new RPG called The After.

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Jon Gibbon’s Links

Walt Robillard’s Links

SFS Episode 124 – Josh Hayes


Chris and JR interview author Josh Hayes!

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Josh Hayes Links

SFS Episode 123 – Christopher Hopper


JR and Christoper (Winder) interview author Christopher (Hopper)!


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Christopher Hopper’s Links

SFS Episode 122 – Dave Robison – Archivos


JR, Chris, and Cesca interview the comic and creative talent behind the buttered-gravel voice and the brains behind Archivos, Dave Robison.


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Dave Robinson’s Links

SFS Episode 121 – Mel Todd


JR and Cesca interview author Mel Todd.


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Mel Todd’s Links

SFS Episode 120 – Chris Winder


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