SFS Episode 121 – Mel Todd


JR and Cesca interview author Mel Todd.


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Mel Todd’s Links

SFS Episode 120 – Chris Winder


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 Chris Winder’s Links

SFS Episode 119 – Yanez and Buzzell – LitRPG


JR and Chris speak with authors Jonathan Yanez and Ross Buzzell about their Legends Online series of LitRPG adventures.


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Ross Buzzell’s Links

Jonathan Yanez’s Links

SFS Episode 118 – Brad R. Torgersen


JR and Chris interview Dragon Award winner Brad R. Torgersen.

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 Brad R. Torgersen’s Links

SFS Episode 117 – Jeff Brackett


Chris interviews author Jeff Brackett about his cyberpunk book title Streets of Payne.


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SFS Episode 116 – Dragon Award – Ezell – Kennedy – Wandrey


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Kacey Ezell’s Links

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SFS Episode 115 – Dragon Award – Anspach


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Jason Anspach’s Links:

Galaxy’s Edge, c/o Jason Anspach

PO Box 534

Puyallup, WA 98371


Nick Cole’s Links:

SFS Episode 114 – Dr. James Young


JR and Cesca interview Dr. James Young. No, not that kind of doctor. A doctor of history who writes, among other things, alternate history books.


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James Young’s Links

SFS Episode 113 – Rainbow Sun Francks



JR interviews actor Rainbow Sun Francks (Stargate: Atlantis and many more!)

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Rainbow Sun Francks’ Links

SFS Episode 112 – Lowell Observatory – Kevin Schindler


Chris interviews Lowell Observatory historian Kevin Schindler, discovers the origin of Martians, Venetians, Plutonians, and so much more!

Note: No Martians, Venetians, or Plutonians were harmed during the recording of this podcast.

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