SFS Episode 107 – Lawrence N Oliver


JR and Chris interview author Lawrence N Oliver on his debut science fiction novel.

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Lawrence N. Oliver’s Links

SFS Episode 106 – The Order of the Centurion


Chris interviews an esteemed panel of authors, and JR, who have all published, or are publishing, books in the Galaxy’s Edge universe.

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Jason Anspach’s Links:

Richard Fox’s Links

JR Handley’s Links

Josh Hayes Links

SFS Episode 105 – Frank martin


 Chris and Cisca interview author Frank Martin.

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Frank Martin’s Links

SFS Episode 104 – Brian Mansur


Chris interviews author Brian Mansur about his first science fiction novel ever!

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Brian Mansur’s Links

SFS Episode 103 – Introducing Francisca “Cisca” Smalls


JR and Kacey Ezell introduce Francisca “Cisca” Smalls, our new co-host! No, Chris has not been fired, nor has he overdosed on crayons. That’s not even a thing… probably.

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Doc “Cisca” Small’s Links

Kacey Ezell’s Links

SFS Episode 102 – Frontera and Freckleton


JR and Chris speak with JR (Jennifer) Frontera and Ethan Freckleton about their humorous Science Fiction book Starship Ass!

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JR Frontera’s Links

Ethan Freckleton’s Links

SFS Episode 101 – JR Handley


JR Handley is interviewed about his new book Breach Team by special guest host JR Castle (no relation).


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JR Castle’s Links

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SFS Episode 100 – Paul and Terry Help Us Celebrate


We made it to 100 episodes! In this episode, we took it all the way back to the beginning. Oh, and JR asked that I add a warning:


WARNING: Whiskey may have been involved in the production of this episode.

WARNING(2): This episode may mention monkeys wearing revealing clothing.


Show Notes:

Paul E Cooley’s Contact

Terry Mixon’s Links

SFS Episode 98 – Barry J Hutchison

JR and Chris interview author Barry J Hutchison about his book Space Team! This world needs more comic Science Fiction, and Barry’s the one to deliver it.


Show Notes:

Barry J. Hutchison’s Links