SFS Episode 140 – Lauren Moore


JR and Cesca interview author and editor Lauren Moore.

Show Notes:

Lauren Moore’s Links

SFS Episode 139 – Charity Anthology Authors


JR interviews authors Aaron Holloway, Cindy Koepp, Jon Frater, Karen Dimmick, Sean Oswald, and TJ Reynolds.

Show Notes:

Aaron Holloway’s Links

Cindy Koepp’s Links

Jon Frater’s Links

Karen Dimmick’s Links

Sean Oswald’s Links

TJ Reynolds’s Links

SFS Episode 138 – Glynn Stewart


JR, Chris, and special guest Terry Mixon interview author Glynn Stewart.

Show Notes:

Terry Mixon’s Links

Glynn Stewart’s Links

Chris’s Weird References

SFS Episode 137 – Declan Finn


JR interviews author Declan Finn.

Show Notes:

Declan Finn’s Links

SFS Episode 136 – Sarah Noffke


JR and Chris interview author Sarah Noffke. Then, in an outstanding display of sorcery, mind-control, or something else, she interviews US! We’re still trying to figure out how that happened.

Show Notes:

Sarah Noffke’s Links

SFS Episode 135 – Andrew Warren


JR and Chris interview author Andrew (AA) Warren. We’re pretty sure the second ‘A’ is for Awesome.


Show Notes:

Andrew AA Warren’s Links

SFS Episode 133 – Alice Peng

JR interviews author Alice Peng about her short story in his anthology.

Show Notes:

Alice Peng’s Contact Links

SFS Episode 132 – Killian Carter


Chris and JR speak with author Killian Carter about his Galactic Sentinel Series.

Show Notes:

Killian Carter’s Links

SFS Episode 131 – Scott Moon


JR and Chris speak with author Scott Moon about his The Last Reaper series.


Show Notes:

Scott Moon’s Links

SFS Episode 130 – Ira Nayman – Author


Chris and JR interview author Ira Nayman to talk about his books

Show Notes:

Ira Nayman’s Links