SFS Episode 95 – Isaac Arthur

JR interviews scientist Isaac Authur whose lineage of science fiction fans is so strong, he was named after Isaac Asimov! They talk about faster-than-light travel, the science of aging, transhumanism, aliens, and more!

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SFS Episode 94 – Jon Del Arroz

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SFS Episode 93 – Jon Evans

JR and Chris interview author Jon Evans, learn about warm beer, how he got started, and Jon’s Royal Marines Space Commando series.

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SFS Episode 92 – Short Story Review with Yudhanjaya Wijeratne

Jr, Chris and Yudhanjaya Wijeratne discuss three short stories. Yup, Yudahanjaya is the smartest one in the room again.


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SFS Episode 91 – Michael Anderle

Chris and JR interview author Michael Anderle, JR mentions something about crowns, we talk about the LitRPG genre, and even more shenanigans.

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SFS Episode 90 – Nebula Award Nominees

JR interviews some of the Nebula Award nominees, and they’re all Indy authors!


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SFS Episode 89 – Ian J Malone

Chris and JR talk with Ian about his newest book which he describes as Lynyrd Skynyrd in space.

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SFS Episode 88 – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

JR and Chris interview the prolific author Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

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SFS Episode 87 – Cait Ashwood

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SFS Episode 86 – Jonathan Brazee – USMC, RET.

Chris and JR interview USMC Colonel RET. (and author) Jonathan Brazee. We (meaning JR and Jonathan) talk about rugby, the world before cable television, and more!

Two Marines in one episode? What could go wrong?

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